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  • BABYLAND (6 weeks to 14 months)

    • Provides a secure and nurturing environment for our youngest students. The highly-trained Prodigy staff is committed to establishing a connection of trust, closeness and security.
    • We focus on supporting the parent/child relationship and strengthening the fundamentals so vital for developing healthy interpersonal relationships later in life.
    • Babyland is divided into 2 rooms and placement is determined according to standard developmental milestones. All our environments are safe, warm, clean and loving.
  • RAINBOW ROOM (15 to 24 months)

    • Serves the needs of this age group who are physically active and ripe with curiosity and wonder. Major growth and learning typifies these children.
    • The focus for these 15 to 24-month-olds is on strengthening object permanence, social attachment, sensorimotor intelligence and primary motor function development.
    • The Rainbow Room specializes in connecting infancy to toddlerhood and the Prodigy staff is specifically informed and supportive of that transition.
  • TUMBLING TOTS (3 to 6 years)

    • Parents of children this age understand how we named this room. Prodigy’s staff understands this period in child development calls for sensitive oversight to reinforce a child’s achievements.
    • The activities we provide for 3 to 6-year-olds are manageable and non-frustrating. Social interaction, language skills and fine motor development are emphasized.
  • PRE-SCHOOL/KINDERGARTEN (3 to 6 years)

    • We offer 7 classrooms to our 3 and 4 year old students. Our preschool/Pre-K programs participate in the city-wide Philadelphia preschool universal project, which is free if you are a Philadelphia resident.
    • In addition, we participate in the state of Pennsylvania Pre-K counts program. This is also at no cost to families who fall within the income guidelines.
    • Both of these programs run from September to June each year and parents are encouraged to apply by May for the upcoming school year.
    • We also offer a private preschool/prekindergarten program for parents who do not qualify for Philadelphia preschool or PA PreK counts.
    • Our preschool/prekindergarten curriculum aligns with the State of PA and is developed under the Creative Curriculum outline. 
  • KINDERGARTEN – 5th Grade (5 to 11 years)

    • The licensed Academy Program at Prodigy Learning Center is an academic school providing educational programs for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our families love the opportunity to continue their child’s education in a familiar setting.
    • The Academy is licensed by the Private School Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    • Programs for this group emphasize enhancing mental development and learning foundational academic subjects. Learning is achieved through active exploration, classroom and peer-group interaction and school-furnished educational materials.
    • Everyday school activities are enhanced with classes in computer literacy, yoga, dance, physical education and Spanish.
    • We are proud of our school’s cultural diversity which helps young students accept and appreciate our human differences, fostering strong communication skills and developing the qualities needed to excel in higher education and adulthood.