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And, last but not least, if you want to ring us after the course has finished, guess what, we won't charge you. Our post course helpline is free, so, why haven't you tried us, clearly the secretary or HR dept are using someone, aren't they. Well just get them to try us, for prices that CANNOT be beaten and a sense of humour which is unrivalled in this industry. You can contact us by phone on 0845 8621723 or simply email to: and we will rush around like headless chickens to deal with any request. PLUS we will discount mbt reward you if you introduce us (that's a surprise by the way). Recent Posts Well, even Coronation Street likes newbie Mark.
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Our Pledge & Mission Statement
Prodigy Learning Centers pledges to provide state-of-the-art education and childcare facilities to areas most in need of that service - urban settings - with a flex-scheduling commitment designed to remove the need for parents to tailor their schedules to rigid school timetables.